Graham Stone


Alias - North Berwick Graham Stone

County - East Lothian

Parish - North Berwick 

Graveyard - North Berwick Old Kirkyard

Year - 1697

Stone - Red sandstone 

Motifs - Skull with bone,  hour glass, spade.

Insciption - ... Catherine Grame // Daughter to // William Graham and // Elisabeth Reid who // Died August 1697

Description  - This red sandstone monument, now broken in two, is the earliest example from North Berwick Kirkyard.  Carved on one side, in bass relief, are a skull and bone, an hour glass, and sextons' tools . It marked the grave of Catherine Graham, daughter of William Graham and Elzibeth Reid, who died August 1697. Parish register of baptisms identifies Catherine as having been born in August 1697, making her around six months old at time of death.