Tranent Thistle Stone


Alias - Tranent Thistle Stone

County - East Lothian

Parish - Tranent 

Graveyard - Tranent Kirkyard 

Year -  pre-1723

Stone - Red sandstone 

Motifs - winged spirit,  hour glass, skull, bone, columns.

Inscription - Partially lost : … who dyed … November the 12, 1723, 64 of his age. 68 years also …

Description  - Possessing all of the usual motifs, this stone - whose much weathered inscription will require a further field visit to record - stands slanted to one side where it has partially sunk into the ground. On the relief face are (from bottom to top) a bone, a skull, a momento mori ribbon inscription, a winged spirit (face now lost) and an hour glass on its side. These are flanked by two columns which stop short of supporting thew pediment above, with these columns themselves being flanked by two free flowing volutes. In the pediment is carved a thistle, whose placement and form brings to mind the winged spirit usually found in this position. The opposite face bears a rude skull at the head of the inscription, which takes up the entire panel below the pediment. On this side, the pediment bears the expected winged spirit. Where the two columns stop short on this side are placed two further winged spirits. It seems unusual that they have been omitted on the other side.