Tranent Mather Stone


Alias - Tranent Mather Stone

County - East Lothian

Parish - Tranent 

Graveyard - Tranent Kirkyard 

Year -  1687

Stone - Red sandstone 

Motifs - winged spirit, skull, knife, compass, axe, knife, bone.

Inscription - Not yet transcribed.

Description  - Memorialising the death of quaichmaker David Mather, this stone bears the tools of this particular and niche trade. Presumably also making cups and beakers, this trade was passed on to his son John Mather, named on the other side of the stone. David died in 1687, though is actually buried at Ormiston Hall, and his son John died in 1756, buried in Tranent Kirkyard with his mother Margaret Brown, also named on the inscription. In one pediment are carved the trade tools - compass, knife and axe - as well as the initials DMMB - David Mather Margaret Brown. On the opposite side is a winged spirit, with two volutes which descend from either side and converge at the head of the lower panel, giving the impression of large wings for the small spirit between them. Below this are a pair of winged spirits, an hour glass, a memento mori ribbon, a skull, and a bone (top to bottom). These motifs are flanked by two Ionic pillars, above which hover two smaller winged spirits. The opposite side has similar, yet more slender Ionic pillars, also supporting two spirits. Overall, the stone seems to be based on the Outersides Stone (SMMELTR01) or a lost example upon which they were both based.