Tranent Buchan Stone


Alias - Tranent Buchan Stone

County - East Lothian

Parish - Tranent 

Graveyard - Tranent Kirkyard 

Year -  1736

Stone - Red sandstone 

Trade Motifs - Peel, sponge, loaf. Baker. 

Inscription - Partially lost. Awaiting transcription of surviving face.

Description  - “Fig. 20 represents the upper portion of the memorial erected in 1736 to the memory of Alexander Buchan, “Baxter” in Tranent. The baker’s sponge and peels are rather poorly depicted on the reverse; the chief merit of the obverse, here shown, being the delineation of a “cottage” loaf, a very unusual type, cleverly represented on this common-place, and incomplete pediment.” (Reid, 1911)

Reid AW (1911) Tranent Churchyard. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 45: 117–152.