Tranent Kedglie Stone


Alias - Tranent Kedglie Stone

County - East Lothian

Parish - Tranent 

Graveyard - Tranent Kirkyard 

Year -  Unknown

Stone - Red sandstone 

Trade Motifs - cleaver, axe, sharpener. Butcher / flesher. 

Inscription - Lost. Later, 19th century inscription added. Likely descendants. 

Description  - “In the hey-day of its mining prosperity, Tranent was celebrated for its butchers, as for the demands it made upon their wares. Hence, the signs of their prosperity and calling are fairly prominent in their last resting-place; the ornate slab, shown in fig. 26, forming a fair representative of its order. Full cornucopiae are cleverly grouped in the pediment; a large, central panel displays the butcher's cleaver, axe, and sharpener, the steel hanging from a long chain which is attached to the leather belt whose " tongue " is seen under the junction of the horns. The front of the stone commemorates the Kedglie family, the obituary being surmounted by cornucopiae and a fine winged-cherub head.” (Reid, 1911) 

This monument still stands in good condition, seemingly restored, re-inscribed and re-set on a stone base in the early 19th century.  The relief work has survived in very good condition, and it is not clear whether this has been restored at the same time as the stone has been reset and the 19th century inscription added. The last person commemorated on this stone died in 1897.

Reid AW (1911) Tranent Churchyard. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 45: 117–152.