Pencaitland Stone 12


Alias - Pencaitland  Stone 12

County - East Lothian

Parish - Pencaitland 

Graveyard - Pencaitland Kirkyard 

Year -  Fist half of 18th century

Stone - Sandstone

Trade Motifs - None.

Other motifs - Winged spirit, palm fronds, standing figure, skull.

Inscription - Initials panel: WC// CC

Description  -  Standing at the southern perimeter of the churchyard, this stone is obscured by heavy foliage in the summer months and is easy to miss. Presence of this foliage made scanning difficult, evident from some obscured areas in the scan. The obverse of the stone is headed by a large, male figure, standing around 44cm tall. His srams are outstrecthed to his left, seemingly holding an implement (axe?) which he is possibly using to hack at the palm fronds which surround him. In another hand he may hold a sickle. He stands atop a winged spirit, which itself heads a much weathered inscription panel, the detail of which is now lost. The reverse is plainer, though the palm fronds are repeated and frame a central, oval panel which bears initials. At the head of this is a winged spirit. No inscription survives on this face either.