Tranent Williamson Stone


Alias - Tranent Williamson Stone

County - East Lothian

Parish - Tranent 

Graveyard - Tranent Kirkyard 

Year -  1708

Stone - Red sandstone 

Motifs - winged spirit, skull, putti, wreath, bones.

Inscription - Almost completely lost, mention of an early 18th century date at bottom.

Description  - Possessing all of the usual motifs, though they are somewhat obscured by their secretion among complex, now weathered foliage and volute, this stone commemorates Alexander Williamson - a farmer at Elphinstone. Please note, the inscription bearing this commotion is now sadly lost, and it is Reid’s article which has preserved this information.  It is very similar to the Fender stone, and it was likely carved by the same mason - perhaps one of them Fenders themselves. In the central panel of the pediment, where one might expect initials or a spirit, stands a farmer who likely represents Williamson. While this face bears a rectangular panel below, which hosts the faded ghost of the inscription, the opposite face has an oval panel, carved for a further (now lost) inscription or a future inscription which was never added.